Women Skilled at Weaving

I took my coat to “Leanne’s Sewing Shoppe.” (I forgot that Dotty retired.) The material I bought was too thin. She said it would peel in a year. They recommended a suede, that they had on hand.

When I got home, I asked God if I was just being cheap. Should I wear it frayed until I find a replacement?

Exodus 35:25, “All the women skilled at weaving brought their weavings of blue and purple and scarlet fabrics and fine linens.” The Message

These 3 ladies are skilled seamstresses. They know quality material. I can trust them. When they finish, my coat will be ready for another 6 years! (Yes, I took a “before” picture. No, I will not get a discount for mentioning them.)

Do you second-guess yourself?

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