Made from Bronze

I threw the swatch of suede from “Leanne’s Sewing Shoppe” in with a load of laundry. They recommended I wash it to see if there was any change. My coat is machine washable and we wanted to make sure the material did not shrink.

That is another reason we did not use leather. Real leather is the best material but not easily cleaned. I would never throw a leather coat in the washing machine.

* * * * * * *

God gave Moses instructions for building everything in the tabernacle. We read about the gold used – until the altar.

Exodus 37-39, “They made from bronze all the utensils for the altar…” The Message

God chose material that would stand up to daily use without eroding. God could have solid gold if He wanted. But that would be heavy and impractical. God chose the best material for each job.

Many times, I’ve asked God why He chose me to write this blog. Why not choose a Doctor of Divinity? That would be gold.

He wanted someone who was durable – like bronze – to write this blog. Someone who would see Him in the everyday. Someone with a mother’s commitment, unsung – 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

If we knew all motherhood would cost us, we might have avoided it. But then, we would have missed the rewards that make the cost worthwhile.

Do you ever feel you are the wrong person for the job?

(Once again, I receive no commission from “Leanne’s Sewing Shoppe.”)

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