Bring in the Table

Two days in a row, I filled out my planner and squeezed all the activities on it.

Two days in a row, God laughed.

While reading my chapters, I came across this verse.

Leviticus 40:4, “Bring in the Table and set it, arranging its Lampstand and lamps.” The Message

I got all excited. Maybe I will be able to move the big table downstairs. The second verse I ran across confirmed it.

Leviticus 40:16, “Moses did everything God commanded. He did it all.” The Message

I started with the love seat. After measuring, I tipped it forward. I slid it to the doorway. I got 3 inches through but it would not go past the bi-fold door.

That door has to come off. I got out some tools, but the screws wouldn’t budge. That will have to wait.

Oh well, at least I could roll up the rug that was partly underneath it. I slid the love seat back and moved on to the buffet.

I took the drawers out and stacked them in Derek’s former bedroom. I took everything out of the dining room. And took the pictures off of the walls.

The table is really heavy. I crawled under it and tried to free one corner of the rug, pushing up with my back. It wouldn’t budge. That will have to wait, too.

I hit the shower.

Am I the only one who tries to do everything myself?

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