Do What I Tell You

I had a mild headache and tired eyes. There was tension in my neck and shoulders. I spent 4 hours on the computer for the 3rd day in a row.

But, my spirit was laughing, jumping, turning cartwheels, and ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound. My soul was sitting quietly in the corner.

Starting in Jeremiah 26, I compared the “2018 Relevant Bible Reading Guide” to the Chronological Study Bible. (I completed the first part earlier.)

The Chronological Study Bible not only breaks up books but splits chapters. I checked the place of each section of the chapter. Then I read my notes from the New International Version Study Bible. I looked at the “2018 Relevant Bible Reading Guide” and decided where each chapter would go in 2019.

I moved entire books and single chapters. It was like solving a Rubik’s cube – on steroids. But the puzzle is nearly complete.

After walking away, I decided to move another chunk of chapters. Next, I will print it and compare it to the “2018 Relevant Bible Reading Guide.”

This is my 10th “Relevant” Guide. In 2009, I had two couples read it with me. Their enthusiasm and encouragement helped me take the leap to publish online.

This is much more exhilarating than playing Spider Solitaire!

Leviticus 22:31, “Do what I tell you; live what I tell you. I am God.” The Message

Now comes the math!

It’s okay. I like math.

Using the Amplified Bible, you need to read 2400 words a day to read the Bible in one year. I will add the words in each chapter until I reach the average.

Then I count the days in the sections where I rearranged books and chapters. (I did not change Christmas, Easter, or the Gospels.) Sometimes, I need to shuffle chapters to have fewer days. Or, I need to stretch them for an extra day – like on leap years.

I’m excited to dig in and would like to finish before Thanksgiving. But I also read a caution today.

Leviticus 23:3, “Work six days. The seventh is a Sabbath, a day of total and complete rest, a sacred assembly. Don’t do any work. Wherever you live, it is a Sabbath to God.” The Message

Do you have a project you want to finish before Thanksgiving? (Hey Jill, how are you coming on stripping the wallpaper from your dining room?)

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