All That Went With It

I moved boxes and boxes of sewing and craft supplies downstairs. David moved the bookshelf and cases of books.

I set up a 6′ table perpendicular to the loveseat. I found I could not walk around it. I guess I did not measure correctly. Everything in my design did not fit!

Numbers 8:4, “…It was made precisely to the design God had shown Moses.” The Message

I moved the table parallel to the loveseat. When we play games on it, some will sit on the loveseat.

I’m excited to set up my craft and sewing projects. But there is so much stuff. And I had it stored in 3 different rooms. It will take a while to gather and organize it all.

Numbers 7:1. “When Moses finished setting up The Dwelling, he anointed it and consecrated it along with all that went with it. At the same time he anointed and consecrated The Altar and its accessories.” The Message

I will spend the next week dealing with “all that went with it!”

Do you have items that belong together stored in several rooms? How do you keep track of what you stuck where?

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