When You Look at These Tassels You’ll Remember

I was just drifting off to sleep Sunday night when David asked…

“When do we thaw the turkey?”


I jumped out of bed. The turkey platter was under the dishwasher. (Long story. Don’t ask.) It kept slipping into the lip of the dishwasher when I tried to slide it out. I yelled for David.

I stuck a knife between the platter and the lip of the dishwasher. It took both of us to get it out. I put the wrapped turkey on it to thaw in the bottom of the refrigerator.

Yep, the “Fishel Thanksgiving” is right on schedule.

I can almost hear the smoke detector going off.

Good thing David put fresh batteries in them on Saturday.

It’s not that I didn’t have reminders. I wrote it down. I guess I should have pinned the reminder to my shirt.

Numbers 15:39, “When you look at these tassels you’ll remember and keep all the commandments of God, and not get distracted by everything you feel or see…” The Message

Yes, I get distracted. I’m grateful for God’s patience. I’m glad he extends the same grace to the Gentile as well as the Jew.

Numbers 15:15, “…You and the foreigner are the same before God.” The Message

Is your turkey thawing? Is there something you forget every Thanksgiving?

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