Their Hearts Weren’t In It

I brought the tubs of Christmas decorations out and put them on the dining room table. I chased a big, old spider and killed it on my 3rd attempt. Carrying the new Christmas tree upstairs made me glad I’ve worked out with 8-pound weights. (Don’t laugh – I started with condensed soup cans.)

The phone rang. It was David.

“Hey, we’re closing at four today.”

“What time is it now?”

“3:50 p.m.”

“What! You tell Fred (David’s boss) that he is in big trouble. I just carried the Christmas tree upstairs. Had I known you would be home in 10 minutes, I would have waited. No pie for Fred!” (I bake his favorite pie for him at Christmas.)

“I could stay away until five,” David suggested.

“No love for David.”

“I’ll be right home.”

* * * * * * *

I looked at the Christmas tree still in the box. My heart just wasn’t in it.

Numbers 32:11, “…They weren’t interested in following me – their hearts weren’t in it.” The Message

What was my heart into? Was God leading me away from setting up the tree into doing something else?

All day long, I thought of things to include in my kitchen centerpiece. I carried the Thanksgiving decorations downstairs. I dug out the Christmas placemat and one of the crafts we made on Thanksgiving. I opened the box of kitchen Christmas decorations and using two items from it, I arranged the centerpiece.

Then I took the new Christmas towel I found and hung it with some red towels in the bathroom. I pinned an old brooch on them and hung a Christmas ornament above it.

I decorated 2 spots because my heart was in it. Then we went Black Friday shopping.

Do you let your heart guide you when choosing your next task?

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