These Are the Borders

It took 2 – 1/2 Hallmark movies to complete. That was 5 hours putting together the new Christmas tree and decorating it.

I ate some Thanksgiving leftovers and pulled out the lights. David spent the afternoon hanging lights outside. I wanted to put lights in the windows.

The third burned out bulb stubbornly refused to come out of the string. After several attempts, I realized how tired I was. I set them aside and went to bed. My verse today told me to know my limits.

Numbers 34:2, “…these are the borders of the land you are getting as an inheritance.” The Message

God gives us boundaries for our own good. His plan never included working until exhausted.

“…without boundaries is like a house without walls. It’s like living in a carport; there’s no protection from outside influences. Nobody feels safe.” The Word for You Today, November 24, 2018

Is your Christmas tree up? Or, do you wait until December?

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