Stay With It

“Winter Advisory – temperatures in the teens…wind up to 27 mph…blowing, drifting snow…reduced visibility…wind chill factor dropping to -22°.” National Weather Service, 1-24-19

It was not the weather I hoped for when I made my hair appointment. But we hadn’t been to Aldi for two weeks. The forecast for next week is even colder. We decided I should go and then come right home.

I dropped David off at work and left for Mt. Pleasant at 7:30 a.m. The roads were mostly dry – except in town.

I buzzed through Wal-Mart. When I exited, I couldn’t tell if it was snowing or just blowing.

The hourly forecast put 9 a.m. as the warmest and calmest hour of the day. Aldis was my next stop.

I parked on the south side of the building – out of the wind. I found 3 great deals on clearance and bought a month’s worth of groceries. The sun was shining when I pushed my loaded cart to the van.

I put the full bags into the large coolers David had put in the van. I didn’t want the produce and dairy to freeze over the next few hours. I had to scrape the frozen snow off of the windshield. 

I stopped at the “Quarter Store” and found another large, gilded print for $3.00. I like to support this store. The proceeds help the poor in the area.

Lunch was at a new place – “Central Park Coffee.” Derek told me about the family who opened it. Their “Turkey/Gouda with Cranberry Cream Cheese” is like Thanksgiving in a sandwich! “Frosty’s Favorite,” flavored with graham crackers and cinnamon, was the coffee of the day.

I ate at a wood slab bar next to the front window. I watched the city crew scooping up piles of snow. They filled 6 dump trucks in a half hour.

She finished my haircut at 1:30 p.m. The temperature started dropping at noon and the wind speeds would peak at 2 p.m.

I drove into Mt. Pleasant on a dry highway. Now the passing lane was snow-covered in places. While in Aldi, I overheard a woman say black ice was forming on the bridges.

The snow was blowing across the road in places. I turned slightly to the right as I entered those areas to counter the wind.

A semi-truck passed me. At the top of the hill, I lost him in the blowing snow. I prayed for Sarah who would be driving this road in a few hours.

I wasn’t frightened because we took precautions. David’s old coveralls were warming on the front seat. I wore my snow boots with thick socks. I had extra water and trail mix. There are sweats pants and a jacket sealed in plastic bags stored under the floorboards. Our emergency kit has an air compressor, jumper cables, and a heat blanket.

But I was happy to turn off at the Fairfield exit. Highway #1, which runs through Fairfield, was dry. The library is on Highway #1. I made a detour to stock up on books.

I picked David up. He took a break from work to help me unload. After I put away the perishables, I settled into my office. I turned on the space heater.

As I typed up my post, I thought, “I’m grateful I do not have to make that drive every day.” I’m staying at my post here.

Matthew 24:13, “Staying with it – that’s what God requires. Stay with it to the end. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll be saved.” The Message

How do you prepare for winter driving?

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