God Replied, “Count on Me.”

February 10, 2019: 2 Samuel 4, 5; 1 Chronicles 11

“I look at these books and keep going back to the same one,” Melinda observed. “It’s called the ‘Battlefield of the Mind.’ “

“That’s a good one.” I replied, “I should read it again.” We agreed to read it at the same time and hold each other accountable. I got out my copy and found my bookmark in the first few pages. I never finished it!

Everything changed after one chapter! I realized, I choose how I remember events. I can record things in a negative light or a positive light.

I wrote the negative version of an event on a sheet of paper. Then recorded only the positive in my journal. It was a battle!

2 Samuel 4:9, “…As surely as God lives – the One who got me out of every trouble I’ve ever been in…” The Message

* * * * * * *

2 Samuel 5:19, “…God replied, ‘Count on me. I’ll help you beat them.’ ” The Message

With God’s help, I can win this battle!

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