His Father Made Him First

March 1, 2019: 1 Chronicles 26-28.


Choosing Accounts

David and I decided to read one page or paragraph of “Sound Mind Investing” together each day. We are in the chapter about an emergency fund. Austin Pryor agreed with Dave Ramsey – a money market account is the best choice. I googled “2019 Money Market Accounts.”

We had to move our savings a few months ago. The insurance company we were using closed its online savings account division.

We prayed James 1:5, “God give us wisdom,” and Proverbs 25:45, “Show us, teach us, lead us.” (We read one Proverb each day of the month for years. That’s where Solomon wrote his financial wisdom.)

The account we chose was third on the list! We are not financial wizards but God makes us come out ahead.

1 Chronicles 26:10, “The sons of Hosah the Merarite were Shimei, (He was not the firstborn but his father made him first.)…”

The Message

Pricing Insurance

After David went to work, I spent 3 hours working on insurance. Our credit union is offering group auto insurance. I was on the phone over an hour with their representative.

I printed off their quotes. Then, I contacted a Dave Ramsey rep for new quotes. (I checked them a year ago.)

At the “Financial Peace University” website, I took the insurance coverage quiz. I didn’t need one type of insurance. I can throw that quote away.

I’m just checking my defense. I want to guard against any catastrophe.

1 Chronicles 26:16, “The guards stood shoulder to shoulder…”

The Message


Financial Peace University

We are enjoying the class immensely. We recouped the fee in the first month!

After the first week, I considered paying the fee for each of our children to take the class. But I know they will only take it seriously if they pay the price. I trust God will send others to teach them.

1 Chronicles 27:43, “Jonathan, David’s uncle, a wise and literate counselor, and Jehiel son of Hacmoni, were responsible for rearing the king’s sons.”

The Message

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