He Won’t Walk Off and Leave You

March 2, 2019: 1 Chronicles 29; 1 Kings 1; Psalms 2, 110.


The Consignment Store

We gathered some new clothes that didn’t fit properly and put them in a bag. We took them to “Stuff” to sell on consignment. Our daughter Laura and David’s sister Melinda went with us.

After setting up an account, David went to Kohl’s to look for jeans. He didn’t find what he wanted and came right back. We were still shopping.

He ordered an iced coffee and sat in the café area. He posted to Facebook, “Sitting at ‘Stuff.’ Oh, what a lonely boy.”

I checked out, sat down next to him, and noticed his post. I commented, “I’m sitting right next to you.” David made 2 mistakes: he sat down and looked at his circumstances.

1 Chronicles 28:2, “King David stood tall and spoke…”

The Message

* * * * * * *

1 Chronicles 28:9, 10, “…If you seek Him, He’ll make sure you find Him, but if you abandon Him, He’ll leave you for good. (10) Look sharp now!…Be brave, determined! And do it!”

The Message

* * * * * * *

1 Chronicles 28:20, “…Take charge! Take heart! Don’t be anxious or get discouraged. God, my God, is with you in this: He won’t walk off and leave you in the lurch. He’s at your side until every last detail is completed…”

The Message

Passive Income

My husband doesn’t think we’ll make much money selling at “Stuff.” But “little is much when God is in it.”

King David Didn’t Think It Mattered

King David concentrated on training Amnon and then Solomon to wear the crown. He spoiled the rest of his children. He didn’t think it mattered because they would never be king.

1 Kings 1:6, “His father had spoiled him rotten as a child, never once reprimanding him. …”

The Message

God disciplines us because He loves us. He adopted us.

1 Chronicles 28: 6, “…I have chosen him to be my royal adopted son; and I will be to him a father.”

The Message

When discouragement comes, we need to ignore our circumstances and run to God.

Psalms 2:12, “…But if you make a run for God – you won’t regret it.”

The Message

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