God Intervened

March 28, 2019: 2 Chronicles 18; Psalms 44; 1 Kings 22.

I didn’t want to go but David talked me into it. I knew I would have to shut my eyes part of the time.

Cradle of Hope, a pregnancy resource center, purchased a theater for one night. They showed the movie, “Unplanned.” It is the story of Abby Johnson.

She was the youngest manager of a Planned Parenthood clinic. She even won an award – “Employee of the Year.” We may not understand the choices she made but that is not unusual.

Yesterday, we read about Jehoshaphat becoming king. He built up his defenses against Ahab king of Israel, see 2 Chronicles 17:1. We don’t understand what he did next.

2 Chronicles 18:1, “But even though Jehoshaphat was very rich and much honored, he made a marriage alliance with Ahab of Israel.” The Message

Why would he bring the daughter of his enemy in to marry his son? Why would he choose a Baal worshipper to be the mother of his grandchildren?

Abby was the director of the clinic when the abortion doctor, George Tiller died. He was handing out bulletins in his church and a man shot him. Would she be next?

Jehoshaphat went to war with King Ahab. Ahab went in disguise and instructed Jehoshaphat to wear his royal robes.

2 Chronicles 18:29, “The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, ‘Wear my kingly robe; I’m going into battle disguised.’ …” The Message

Ahab was a marked man. The king of Aram told his commanders to only go after him.

Jehoshaphat stood out in his royal robe among the soldiers. It looked like doomsday for him. But God was with him.

2 Chronicles 18:31, 32, “When the chariot commanders saw Jehoshaphat, they said, ‘There he is! The king of Israel!’ and took after him. Jehoshaphat yelled out. (32) and the chariot commanders realized they had the wrong man – it wasn’t the king of Israel after all. God intervened and they let him go.” The Message

God never abandoned Abby either. She walked away from the money and the lies. Planned Parenthood sued her and…

…just go see the movie!

Critics say, “A man should not tell a woman what to do with her body.” But it was men coercing these young women to abort. It was fathers and boyfriends that drove them to the clinic. Husbands and boyfriends abandoned other girls. These men were telling these women what to do with their bodies.

Men need to step up, not walk away when they find out they are a father. If raising their child is not an option – they can support her through the pregnancy.

Adoption is a priceless gift for an infertile couple. Some wait decades for a baby.

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