His Love Never Quits

March 30, 2019: Psalms 118; 2 Kings 1-3.

We loaded up the van at 7 am on Saturday. We grabbed coffees at Caribou because tomorrow is their last day. (Man, we are going to miss you.) Then headed for Indianola to say goodbye to John.

There were four of us from the Faith Christian Outreach Church. Plus one who attended church with his family at the Foursquare Church. And another who attended church with them at Open Bible Church.

John and Kathy have six children: Heather, Holly, Heidi, Hope, Hannah, and Jacob. The older three were our babysitters. Holly worked with me in the church office one summer. Our daughter went to school with Hope. Our youngest graduated from Victory Bible College with Hannah. And our oldest serves in the National Guard with Jacob.

On the way there, I mentioned I forgot to put a new pack of tissues in my purse. I cry easily: weddings, movies, commercials. I worried for nothing.

Not one tear was shed by me or the family. John knew Jesus and we all knew where he is. His body, worn like a glove, was laid to rest. He was already in heaven.

There was much laughter at the funeral. His cousin gave the eulogy and mixed up the kid’s names.

“Heather, Heidi, Holly, Hope, Hannah, and Hiccup.”

Jacob has a new nickname! The years melted away as I talked to the children. It was catching up with dear friends.

As we drove away from the church we were laughing. It didn’t feel like we had been to a funeral. We had been to church!

Psalms 118:1, “Thank God because He’s good, because His love never quits.” The Message

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