Use Them to Renovate

April 4, 2019: 2 Kings 12; Psalms 42, 43, 88; 2 Kings 13.

On Fridays, I pray over our financial needs, wants, and desires. Sometimes, I get them mixed up.

A high school girl hit our truck in December and totaled it. We thought we “needed” a new truck. When we received the insurance settlement, we decided we “wanted” a new truck. After several months with only one vehicle, we “desired” a new truck…someday. In the meantime, we save for it.

We received a small income tax refund this week. (It’s not enough for a new truck.) We are debt-free and this money is not earmarked for any pressing need. We even considered giving it away.

2 Kings 12:5, “And, keeping a careful accounting, use them to renovate The Temple wherever it has fallen into disrepair.” The Message

There are many items on my prayer list for repair or replacement. I decided to make a careful accounting of them. I divided them into categories: Repair, Replace, Maintenance, and Improvement.

Now we pray over the list and the money. We ask God what to do first and how much to allocate for that project.

Someday, He’ll say, “Buy a new truck!”

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