Use Them to Renovate

April 4, 2019: 2 Kings 12; Psalms 42, 43, 88; 2 Kings 13.

On Fridays, I pray over our financial needs, wants, and desires. Sometimes, I get them mixed up.

A high school girl hit our truck in December and totaled it. We thought we “needed” a new truck. When we received the insurance settlement, we decided we “wanted” a new truck. After several months with only one vehicle, we “desired” a new truck…someday. In the meantime, we save for it.

We received a small income tax refund this week. (It’s not enough for a new truck.) We are debt-free and this money is not earmarked for any pressing need. We even considered giving it away.

2 Kings 12:5, “And, keeping a careful accounting, use them to renovate The Temple wherever it has fallen into disrepair.” The Message

There are many items on my prayer list for repair or replacement. I decided to make a careful accounting of them. I divided them into categories: Repair, Replace, Maintenance, and Improvement.

Now we pray over the list and the money. We ask God what to do first and how much to allocate for that project.

Someday, He’ll say, “Buy a new truck!”

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2 thoughts on “Use Them to Renovate

  1. My Husband is blessed with an ability to think of how to stretch money. When I lost my job I thought things were really going to be tight. We have changed our plans many times thinking God was sending us this way but it was only a stepping stone to a new direction. Maybe it will be a “like new” van instead of a new one, or vacation in a fun spot and go camping instead of motels. God is gracious and always teaching of how to do what He wants us to do, and so much more, on the income we have.



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