Ariel, The City

April 27, 2019: Psalms 80; Isaiah 28, 29.

I read the first verse and wondered, “What city is Ariel?” Luckily, the answer came in the next verse.

Isaiah 29:1, 2, “Doom, Ariel, Ariel, the city where David set camp! Let the years add up, let the festivals run their cycles. (2) But I’m not letting up on Jerusalem. The moaning and groaning will continue. Jerusalem to me is an Ariel.” The Message

What’s an Ariel?

“The relationship between the Ariel of Isaiah 29 and Ezekiel 43 suggests the nature of the woe that would strike Jerusalem, as HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament attests, ‘Israel shall become, under the judgment of God, an Ariel, an altar hearth, that is, the scene of a holocaust.’ ”

This is exactly what happened when Jerusalem fell.

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