From The Inside and Worked Out

April 28, 2019: 2 Chronicles 29-31.

We had a lot of visitors for Easter Sunday. I planned on inviting others to come this week. But I failed.

2 Chronicles 30:1, “Then Hezekiah invited all of Israel…” The Message

2 Chronicles 30 showed me why I’m afraid to invite others…

  • People poked fun at them, v. 10.
  • They treated them as a joke, v. 10.

…and why they do not accept the invitation.

  • They were too proud, v. 11.
  • They weren’t ready, v. 15.
  • They were embarrassed in their laziness, v. 15.
  • They had not properly prepared themselves, v. 17.

God is working on all of us from the inside out – just like the priests cleaning the Temple.

2 Chronicles 29:16, “The priests started from the inside and worked out; they emptied the place of the accumulation of defiling junk – pagan rubbish that had no business in that holy place – and the Levites hauled it off to the Kidron Valley.” The Message

We don’t have to be perfect to come to church. The Bible says we are washed with the water of the Word, see Ephesians 5:26. Each time we come, God removes some of the rubbish in our lives that is holding us back.

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