God Takes the Time to Do Everything Right

May 1, 2019: Isaiah 30-32, 36.

I woke up at 3:45 a.m. worrying about the laundry room. It’s been raining for several days. There is a crack somewhere and the water runs in front of the washer and dryer to the drain. I straddled that water while I washed clothes. I want it fixed – yesterday!

Isaiah 30:18, “But God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be gracious to you. He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you. God takes the time to do everything right – everything. Those who wait around for Him are the lucky ones.” The Message

Since I couldn’t sleep, I cried out to the One who could help!

Isaiah 30:19, “…Cry for help and you’ll find grace and more grace. The moment He hears, He’ll answer.” The Message

The subject of our study at Connect Group was, “What to Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered.” I know God answered right away. Now I wait to see it. He’s always right and always on time.

Isaiah 32:17-20, “And where there’s Right, there’ll be peace and the Progeny of Right: quiet lives and endless trust. (18) My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood – in safe houses, in quiet gardens. (19) The forest of your pride will be clear-cut, the city showing off your power leveled. (20) But you will enjoy a blessed life, planting well-watered fields and gardens, with your farm animals grazing freely.” The Message

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