Recover Your Strength

May 7, 2019: Isaiah 41, 42, 46.

I was so excited to caulk! I wrote it at the top of my list. But first, devotions.

Isaiah 41:1, “Quiet down…. Listen. Sit down and rest… Recover your strength. Gather around Me. …” The Message

I planned on writing through my morning break, but I remembered my verse. I took a break. When I finished writing, I made egg salad because David was out of lunchmeat. (I eat salads.)

The title of my devotional for today was “Use It or Lose It.” I knew I needed to exercise before I caulked the wall. It was “core” day. The stretching exercises would be good to do before I tackled those cracks.

It took 45 minutes to caulk around the windows and between the wall and floor. (There was a 4-inch hairline crack on the other side of the second window.) Energized, I checked my list for my next task – then I remembered my verse. I took a break.

After lunch, I started working on our checking account. We opened a new account in January. I broke down the amount in checking into categories. My plan was to update the categories with each deposit. I fell behind.

The last deposit in February balanced quickly. I considered working through my afternoon break but remembered my verse.

After 15 minutes, I asked God to direct my afternoon. I brought the categories up to date before David got home from work! I started updating our budget but remembered my verse.

I put the chicken in the oven to bake. Then, I published my post. After eating, I cleaned up the kitchen and asked God to direct my evening. I made my grocery list and menus.

I looked at my task list and remembered my verse. I asked God what I should do next?

Soak in the tub.”

I obeyed. 😉

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