Permanent Honors

May 10, 2019: Isaiah 54-57.

I threw in a load of laundry as soon as I dressed. The dryer was disconnected all week to repair the wall. I have 7 loads to wash.

I got breakfast and sat down to read emails. I shared the devotion, “When Mother’s Day is Tough” from, on Facebook.

I thought of four friends:

  1. The heaviest on my heart is M. She recently announced her pregnancy but the baby went to heaven a couple weeks later.
  2. Then there’s E. She would be the best mother but after a decade of marriage had to undergo a hysterectomy.
  3. And B. In her twenties, the doctors informed her she was no longer ovulating. But there is always hope!
  4. I still pray for these three women because of the fourth, J. She became a wife, mother, and grandmother, on her wedding day. Her children and grandchildren still seek her out even though her husband passed away a few years ago.

Isaiah 56:3-5,”Make sure no outsider who now follows God ever has occasion to say, ‘God put me in second-class. I don’t really belong.’ And make sure no physically mutilated person [a eunuch] is ever made to think, ‘I’m damaged goods. I don’t really belong.’

(4) For God says: ‘To the mutilated who keep my Sabbath and choose what delights Me and keep a firm grip on my covenant,

(5) I’ll provide them an honored place in my family and within my city, even more honored than that of sons and daughters. I’ll confer permanent honors on them that will never be revoked.’ ” The Message

* * * * * * * *

  • You are an insider.
  • You are first-class.
  • You are perfect.
  • You belong.

Keep your faith, cling to God, and hold on to His promises. He has an honored place in the family for you.

Remember Sarah – she was 90 and Abraham was 100. Remember Rebecca, Rachel, Hannah, and Elizabeth who waited for years – decades.

  • Sarah had Isaac.
  • Rebecca had Esau and Jacob.
  • Rachel had Joseph and Benjamin.
  • Hannah had Samuel and several others.
  • Elizabeth had John the Baptist.

Remember your mother! Mother’s Day is not about what my kids do for me; but what I do for Mom.

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