What You Made Us

May 12, 2019: Isaiah 61-64.

Our oldest son, Luke, is a soldier. He had drill this weekend. He called to wish me “Happy Mother’s Day” while driving home. I chided him for talking while he was driving.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” he said, “When I hang up, I will push auto-pilot and watch a video.”

My first gray hair had his name on it.

* *

Our daughter, Laura, knows the way to my heart. She baked me a strawberry pie – which I promptly hid in the refrigerator. She brought me an insulated mug and a bowl that says, “My soul has had enough chicken soup, I want chocolate.” In the bowl was chocolate with a note, “This is the chocolate in my budget according to Dave Ramsey.”

It was taped to a package of chocolate chips.

* *

Our youngest, Derek, was a sweetheart. The church had roses for each mother. He picked one out for me and we took a selfie with props the church provided. He and his wife, Rachel, gave me a mushy card and Hershey’s kisses. “This card truly doesn’t even come close to describing how great of a mom you really are…”

* *

Luke hurried home to celebrate with his wife, Bethany, and daughter, Olivia. Laura, Derek, and Rachel took us out for supper.

Everyone chose the restaurant I chose! When we arrived, they told us they ran out of food. We drove to my second choice. They were closed.

I was texting my sister, Cheryl. She said they were going to order a pizza from “Happy Joe’s” but they could meet us there. I told them they had to buy me ice cream if we ate there! My “pizza-loving” family agreed.

* *

Cheryl told stories about my pregnancies with Laura and Derek. Then David commented something about a football coach.

I protested, “It’s Mother’s Day, no sports!”

My daughter quietly quipped, “Birth coach.”

* *

Each child is different. They each are special and unique. Just like God made them.

Isaiah 64:8, “Still, God, You are our Father. We’re the clay and You’re our potter. All of us are what You made us.” The Message

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