I Ordered This Wind

May 17, 2019: Jeremiah 4, 5.

My sister Cheryl had the day off and asked if I could go shopping with her. We like the same stuff and food: the same appetizer, “Deep-Fried Mushrooms” and pizza, “Hawaiian.” I looked forward to the day – until I saw the weather report.

A thunderstorm greeted me when I woke up. I debated canceling and then started my devotions.

Jeremiah 4:12, “A wind that’s up to no good, a gale-force wind. I ordered this wind. I’m pronouncing my hurricane judgment on my people.” The Message

God orders the wind around. I do not need to fear. The storm is north of the town where we planned to go. But my city was in its path.

Jeremiah 4:27, “Yes, this is God’s Word on the matter: ‘The whole country will be laid waste – still it won’t be the end of the world.’ ” The Message

Even if the storm hits my town, God promises to take care of me. I ran to the car when she pulled up. It was only sprinkling by that time. When we reached our destination, the sun came out!

We shopped, ate, and caught up on each other’s lives. I took the leftover pizza home to David. The house was still standing.

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2 thoughts on “I Ordered This Wind

  1. A wind that’s up to no good, a gale-force wind. I ordered this wind. Jeremiah 4:12 I think it is comforting to know God ordered the storm, He is in control. He allows the storms and teaches and protects us.



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