I’m Blacklisted

May 28, 2019: Jeremiah 36, 25.

I joined another group – a Facebook group this time. (When will I ever learn.) I posted a picture David took of a fawn in our “Lily of the Valley” flower bed. Facebook took it down.

Obviously, fawns are offensive.

Jeremiah 36:5, “Then Jeremiah told Baruch, ‘I’m blacklisted. I can’t go into God’s Temple, so you’ll have to go in my place.’ ” The Message

Now, it’s possible they took it down because I shared David’s post of the fawn. They may have felt I didn’t “own” the picture.

Don’t they know the first rule of marriage: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine?”

I unsubscribed from the group and opened my email. I read all 7 emails from the writer’s group. Now I have to wait until the fall to join. In the last email, I found the cost is $47 a month.

Fall will never come for me!

Blogging is as bad as being in a band. In a band, you put $5,000 worth of equipment in a $500 car to drive 50 miles and make $5. In blogging, you invest thousands to make hundreds – or nothing.

On a brighter note, I got new followers this week – on instagram.com/frugalfishorg/, and the last picture I posted was crooked! Go figure.

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