When You Get Serious About Finding God

May 31, 2019: Jeremiah 29; Psalms 102; Daniel 1.

Driving to worship practice, we saw the flooding is worse. The water is near the base of the bridge. In the fields, it covers the fences. It is creeping up on one house and barn next to the highway.

Jeremiah 29:11, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” The Message

On the way home, I took pictures and posted them on instagram.com/frugalfishorg. I wished there was something I could do.

There is.

Jeremiah 29:12-14, “When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I’ll listen.

(13) When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else,

(14) I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.’ God’s Decree. ‘I’ll turn things around for you. I’ll bring you back from all the countries into which I drove you’ – God’s Decree – ‘bring you home to the place from which I sent you off into exile. You can count on it.'” The Message

We see Jeremiah 29:11 on plaques and we hold on to that hope. But hoping is not enough.

We need to:

  • Call on God, v. 12.
  • Come to God, v. 12.
  • Pray to God, v. 12.
  • Look for God, v. 13.
  • Get serious about finding God, v. 13.
  • Want God more than anything else, v. 13.

Then God promises to:

  • Not disappoint, v. 14.
  • Turn things around, v.14.
  • Bring us back, v. 14.
  • Bring us home, v. 14.

You can count on it, see Jeremiah 29:14.

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