…Has Waged War Against Us

June 5, 2019: Jeremiah 21, 34, 37.


It was the first day of Candi’s vacation. She is the team leader of the youth cafe. She asked me to sub for a team member whose children are playing ball.

I ride to church with Derek who serves on the worship team. We went fifteen minutes earlier than normal. He had his guitar, snare drum, cymbals, and sticks bag. I offered to carry his guitar.

He stopped at the information desk and I continued on to the sanctuary. I ran into Sarah.

Seriously, I almost mowed her over.

Sarah works in the office and thought she was alone in the building. She had just turned out the lights and was trucking around the corner…and there I was.

I scared her half to death.

After apologizing, and promising to sing the next time I entered the darkened building, I took the guitar to the platform. Then I unlocked the cafe and started down my mental list:

  • Turn on the exhaust fan.
  • Turn on the tall oven.
  • Turn on light in the pop cooler.
  • Get the popcorn machine parts out of the dish drain.
  • Assemble them in the machine…

About that time Robin arrived. I walked her through what I had already done. I showed her how to make popcorn. Then we put pizza and French fries in the tall oven. I plugged in the fryers and loaded up the pop cooler.

The popcorn was just finishing when Mel arrived. Mel flipped the kettle to show Robin how to unload the popcorn. Then she grabbed the mozzarella sticks and popcorn chicken.

“I thought we decided to use the lower ovens.”

Oops. I forgot. We did discuss that at the team meeting. It was there Pastor Monte reminded us that Satan’s strategy is to break teams apart. He is waging a war against us.

Jeremiah 21:2, “…has waged war against us. Pray to God for us. Ask Him for help. …” The Message

When things go wrong on a team, we need to remember we are fighting Satan – not each other.

(Yes, Mel still loves me.)

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2 thoughts on “…Has Waged War Against Us

  1. Jeremiah 21:2, “…has waged war against us. Pray to God for us. Ask Him for help. …” The Message This a perfect day to day reminder!!!!!!!!!!!



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