Get Along Just Fine with Each Other

June 6, 2019: Jeremiah 30-31.


I admit it…I didn’t get much sleep…and I struggled to remember one song. I was beating myself up about not playing well as I drove back to the E3 youth building.

I turn everything on and start the popcorn popper before church. Other team members take over and David takes me up the hill to practice and play for the adult service.

Then I drive back down the hill and help in the cafe. After their teaching time is either a game or a special food night. (“Build Your Own Burrito” anyone?)

It was my first time volunteering in the cafe. They had a “Leaders vs. Students” game in the indoor, caged, basketball court – complete with play by play. It was louder than a heavyweight championship boxing match!

I decided serving would be easier than cooking. I was wrong.

I couldn’t hear over the game, (too many years sitting next to the drums), and many kids had to repeat their request. I didn’t know there were 10 different kinds of Mt. Dew!

I would ask:

  • What color?
  • What shelf?
  • Can you point to it?

And they stock all of the other soda pops, (YooHoo, anyone?), plus tea, water, and a few flavors of Gatorade.

* * * * * * *

The next week, I stocked the warmer. There were 3 cooks frying: corn dogs, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and French fries. I carried them to the warmer as they ran out. Another cook was making smoothies…one after another…using 2 blenders to keep up!

Everyone pitches in wherever they are needed. The servers will man the scoops on “Build Your Own Sundae” night and the cooks will cover the counter when the servers are outside on “Grill Night.”

Some nights members from the hospitality team will cook or serve when the cafe is shorthanded. No matter which team we normally serve in, (adult worship team for me), we all work together to feed those hungry teenagers.

I swear some of them are hollow!

Jeremiah 31:24, “All Judah’s people, whether in town or country, will get along just fine with each other.” The Message

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2 thoughts on “Get Along Just Fine with Each Other

  1. Jeremiah 31:24, “All Judah’s people, whether in town or country, will get along just fine with each other.” The Message I pray this for our church too!



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