Timing is the Father’s Business

June 9, 2019: Acts 1, 2.


It was a big day! The Fairfield satellite joined the main church for “Church on the Lawn.” There were games and a potluck after the service.

It was also the day of the “Cary Reunion.” Since there were plenty of musicians in Mt. Pleasant, we took the Sunday off for the reunion.

This reunion is for the descendants of my father’s parents. Dad had 12 brothers and sisters – it’s a big reunion!

We’ve lost 10 of the original siblings. Only 1 sister and my mom represented the generation of great-grandparents. My cousins and I are grandparents. It’s difficult to keep up with each other and all of those names!

One uncle’s oxygen level was low and he couldn’t come. We wonder if he will make it next year.

Acts 1:7, “He told them, ‘You don’t get to know the time. Timing is the Father’s business.'” The Message

It’s Pentecost Sunday! The day the Holy Spirit fell on the 120 in the upper room. It’s the reason the 2019 “Relevant” Bible Reading Guide switched from reading in the Old Testament to the book of Acts.

I’m glad our church was together in one place, even though we missed it. I’m grateful we got together with many of our cousins and their families. We may need to rename the reunion the “Cary Cousins Reunion!”

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God’s People Are Urged to Return

June 8, 2019: Jeremiah 38; 2 Chronicles 36.


We’ve been trying to schedule this for a few years – pie with the girls. The first time we did this was after a ladies retreat. On the way home, we stopped at the Village Inn for pie. We promised ourselves we would get together soon.

Today was the day! I met Reeta, Mel, and Robin at the Riverside restaurant for pie. Mel ordered apple pie with vanilla ice cream. The other two agreed that sounded the best.

Not me!

I ordered strawberry/rhubarb pie with strawberry ice cream. When the waitress brought the tray with our pies, I sang…

“Three of these things belong together, three of these things are kind of the same…”

We ate, talked, laughed, and caught up on each other’s lives for over 2 hours. I finally broke the party up because I needed to go to the library before it closed.

I reminded them that I wouldn’t be at church because we have a family reunion. But I would see them on Wednesday.

2 Chronicles 36:23, “…All who belong to God’s people are urged to return – and may your God be with you! Move forward!” The Message

God goes with us as we move forward in our lives. But He urges us to return to church. There is strength in the community…and a lot of laughter!

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