Simple Guidelines

“Word in, work out, work plan.” Ann Voskamp

Simple but effective! I woke early and read Acts 16, 17. I worked on my core exercises and then ate breakfast.

I went downstairs to declutter the basement. Last week, I typed a list of tasks and prioritized it.

Today’s task was to unload the 4′ table and fold it up. It didn’t take long and I kept going, following my list:

  • Folded up bed frame.
  • Swept area.
  • Put the Christmas tree tote in the corner.
  • Stacked the Christmas totes along the west wall.

Since I tackled this early in the morning, I had more energy. I dug out my new label maker and labeled the totes. I filled 2 empty totes and repaired a broken coaster.

“As they traveled from town to town, they presented the simple guidelines the Jerusalem apostles and leaders had come up with. That turned out to be most helpful.” Acts 16:4.

The Message

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