The Point Is…

I started a new column on my prayer list. I am recording blessings! After reading “The Prayer of Jabez for Women,” by Darlene Wilkinson, I added it to my prayer list.

“Bless me, indeed!!!!! Enlarge my territory. Keep your hand on me. Keep me from evil to not cause pain.”

The Prayer of Jabez – 2 Chronicles 4:10.

We went out to eat for David’s birthday. Our bill shocked us! The owner of a small Italian restaurant gave David his entree for free! We told him the bill was wrong. He waved us off and said, “Happy Birthday!”

When I went to add that blessing to my list, I realized I didn’t write anything down for July 10th. I reread my journal. On my “Gratitude List,” (ten things I’m thankful for), I wrote – chili, tomatoes, and cream cheese. They were leftovers from “Gourmet Hot Dog Night” at E3. I will throw that chili on torn lettuce and make a Taco Salad for 2!

God chided me, “Free food is free food.”

I added them to my blessing list. I’m learning to trust God to bless me every day.

Romans 10:17, “The point is: Before you trust, you have to listen.” The Message

July 11, 2019: Romans 9-11.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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