Tend to Your Knitting

It’s Friday – the day I watch a movie while ironing or sewing. I also had 2 extra loads of laundry. I opened my Bible for guidance.

Romans 14:12, “So tend to your knitting. …” The Message

Well, I’m not currently knitting anything. But I am making a tee-shirt quilt. It is not going well.

I pinned it twice. I tried putting it on the quilt rack twice. It’s too large. I even tried putting it on sideways – no luck.

I pulled up Wednesday night’s sermon on my phone. Pastor Monte preached on Romans 10:17. (I wish I had listened to it yesterday because that was my verse!) I listened as I worked on the quilt.

I unpinned it from the rack. My new plan is to center it on the dining room table. I will pin the center squares and work my way out – like you would lay floor tiles. I tried pinning the corners but those blocks are stretched out.

After I pin all three layers together, I will fold one-third over and pin it down while it is on the table. Then I will pin towels to the bottom of the quilt. They will offset the double layer on one side as I roll it on the quilt rack. Otherwise, it will shift and be skewed.

I will quilt one half and repeat the process to quilt the other side. It will be done by Christmas! (I just don’t know what year. Sigh.)

July 12, 2019: Romans 12-14.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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