Hello to Mary

“A lot of good it does to write your last name on your dishes at a family reunion! Everyone has the same last name!” Cousin Brenda

The reunion was for David’s mothers’ family. We ate, visited, played “Corn Hole” and “Dutch Blitz.” We even exchanged a few recipes.

“Laura, what did you bring to the potluck?”


“What’s in it?”

“Water, rice, cream of chicken soup, …Derek, you didn’t get my casserole!”

“I wasn’t thirsty.”

“Mom, you didn’t either!”

“I’m allergic to water.”

All joking aside – we caught up on each other’s lives and sent greetings to those who could not attend.

Romans 16:6, “Hello to Mary. What a worker she has turned out to be!” The Message

* * * * * * * *

“Six persons are known by this name in the New Testament. This one is unknown apart from this reference.” New International Version Study Bible Notes

We think of Mary as the one who sat at Jesus’ feet and Martha as the worker. Here is another “Mary” who was known for being a worker.

July 13, 2019: Romans 15-16; Acts 21.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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