Lost in the Presence of God

Last night was a “Night of Worship – Set Ablaze to Sing His Praise.” They flew in a worship band and I had the night off. I shut my eyes and got lost in worship.

Why would I do that? Because that is where you see Jesus!

Acts 22:17-18, “…After I was back in Jerusalem and praying one day in the Temple, lost in the presence of God, (18) I saw Him, saw God’s Righteous Innocent…” The Message

It was a glorious night! Everyone wore their free tee shirts and glow stick necklaces. Afterward, we were treated to strawberry shortcakes and whipped cream.

The band borrowed a keyboard and Derek’s cymbals and snare drum. We went backstage after the concert to pack up our equipment. Then we visited with the band.

The keyboard player found out I also played. She asked, “When was the last time you got to just worship.”

“It’s been years,” I replied.

“I hear you sister!” she said, “I’ve been there.”

We forget the band members do not have many opportunities to “get lost in the presence of God.” Take advantage of every opportunity you get!

July 14, 2019: Acts 22-24.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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