God is Greater Than Our Worried Hearts

I don’t know what to do. I’ve wrestled with this decision for a month. Before church, I talked with others in the same situation. I wish it was different. Some are saying “no” to the opportunity, some said, “Yes.”

During the sermon, a message dinged on my phone. What am I going to do? I didn’t want to ponder it during church.

Condemnation came. “Why did you look at your phone?” “Were you gossiping earlier?” On and on it went. “Don’t you want to climb higher with Jesus as you wrote about in your last post?”

1 John 3:18-21, “…practice real love. This is the only way. …living in God’s reality. (19) It’s also the way to shut down debilitating self-criticism, (20) even when there is something to it. For God is greater than our worried hearts and knows more about us than we do ourselves. (21) And friends, once that’s taken care of and we’re no longer accusing or condemning ourselves, we’re bold and free before God!” The Message

I decided to forget it. I refused to carry it into the Nursing Home Service. I can’t love them if I’m preoccupied.

July 28, 2019: 1 John 2-3.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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Its Reward as You Mature

Melissa told me she was trying to get her spiritual life together. I told her it was like climbing a cliff. You move one hand and then one foot taking small steps until you reach a shelf. Then you rest and enjoy the view. It’s magnificent!

2 Peter 1:8, “…no day will pass without its reward as you mature in your experience of our Master Jesus.” The Message

Even when we slip, it’s not over. Jesus shows us each handhold and where to dig our toes in. He never lets us fall completely. No matter how far down we slide, He is there to show us the next step.

He doesn’t leave us on a shelf – no matter how beautiful. He encourages us to keep climbing. The reward at each resting place is better. The higher we go, the farther we can see.

When we look at how far we’ve come, it astonishes us. Sometimes, Jesus gives us a glimpse of what is ahead. He’s there with us through it all – the storms and the spectacular.

We may only see a mist when we look ahead. Foggy, we can only see the next handhold. But Jesus’ hand covers ours. His foot is under ours. Take the next step with Him.

July 27, 2019: 2 Peter 1-3; 1 John 1.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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