A Ruler Who Knows How to Rule Justly

We watched a dumb movie last night. It was dumb because they used subtitles and had the characters speak “caveman” gibberish. But there were a few redeeming qualities.

The tribal leader told his wife their son was stronger than she knew. He said it where his son could hear it.

Then he said, “He’s stronger than he knows.”

We are all stronger than we know, Philippians 4:13.

He gave his son the tools to survive. He taught him a leader must do hard things to take care of his tribe.

“You are not a leader because you were born into this family. You become a leader by taking care of others. Your job is to keep the tribe together.”

Jeremiah 23:5, “…a ruler who knows how to rule justly. He’ll make sure of justice and keep people united.” The Message

A title does not make me a leader. Who is following me?

A “tribe” does not make me a leader. Are they united working together with me or just tolerating me?

Am I fair and just? Do I move at the speed of the slowest and weakest? Or do I run over them?

Do I pile extra burdens on the strong instead of disbursing the weight among everyone?

Are the tribe members falling by the wayside and being left behind? Or worse – simply choosing not to participate?

Paul said seeking a leadership position is commendable. He gave the qualifications of a leader in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. But it is not an easy thing. We will answer for the care of each person in our “tribe.”

(By the way, I am not currently a leader.)

August 5, 2019: Jeremiah 23; Ezekiel 8-9.

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