They Traded

I just finished reading the investment book “Unshakeable” by Anthony Robbins. Each book has its top recommended fund: Index Funds, Mutual Funds, Equity-Indexed Annuity Funds, Bonds, Technology Stocks, Business Stocks, International Stocks, et al.

We invest in these funds and trade them to make money for retirement. For most of us, others choose which stocks or funds.

Today we read of the different nations that traded with Tyre for products they shipped in from all over the world. They traded with the products of their nations. I was most interested in what products God’s people used for trade.

Ezekiel 27:17, “Judah and Israel did business with you. They traded for your products with premium wheat, millet, honey, oil, and balm.” The Message


It’s not glamorous like gold or silver. It’s not popular like Apple stock but everyone needs it. The wisest financial move you can make is to grow your own food. The wise man is self-supporting and not dependent on others.

Food growers are also the most generous!

Yesterday a storm with high winds damaged the area. Our friend’s farm was hit. The wind mowed over their sweet corn. They put a message on Facebook that basically said, “Come and get it!”

David picked a bag for us and one for each of our children. They didn’t charge us and we didn’t trade with anything.

This was a time they were giving for a later harvest. God saw the corn they gave away. He determines the amount given back to them.

They were good stewards of the bountiful harvest God gave them. They blessed others instead of leaving the corn on the ground to rot or be eaten by raccoons.

Believe me, the coons won’t go hungry!

August 21, 2019: Ezekiel 27, 28.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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