Draw a Picture

After the fire, after the flood, after the tornado, people talk about their losses. They go into detail about the heirlooms that cannot be replaced or the new items that were blown to bits or washed away.

But what if the disaster could have been avoided? What if the fire was due to their carelessness? That burden of guilt would be excruciating.

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In Ezekiel 33:21, we read “a survivor from Jerusalem came and told Ezekiel the city had fallen.” The Temple was destroyed because of their sin. God measured the Temple and went over the details to show them what they had lost.

Ezekiel 43:10, 11, “Son of man, tell the people of Israel all about the Temple so they’ll be dismayed by their wayward lives. Get them to go over the layout.

(11) That will bring them up short. Show them the whole plan of the Temple, its ins and outs, the proportions, the regulations, and the laws. Draw a picture so they can see the design and meaning and live by its design and intent.” The Message

The Temple was where they went when:

  • They were beaten by an enemy, 1 Kings 8:33.
  • There was no rain, 1 Kings 8:35.
  • There was a disaster, famine, catastrophe, crop failure or disease, 1 Kings 8:37.

1 Kings 9:3, “…I’ve sanctified this Temple that you have built: My Name is stamped on it forever; My eyes are on it and My heart in it always.” The Message

They lost the physical access to the heart of God.

The Temple was large and sturdy. The measurements show us that. And yet, its contents were stolen, it was destroyed and left as a pile of rubble.

That’s what sin does. It destroys or steals everything leaving behind a pile of useless rubble.

August 27, 2019: Ezekiel 42-44.

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