The Sound of Their Voices Reverberated

Jesus and Anna were walking around town on Sunday morning. They heard the music from the Civic Center, (where we hold church), and decided to check it out.

Surprised, Jesus said, “That’s David from the lumberyard singing!”

Ezra 3:13, “…The sound of their voices reverberated for miles around.” The Message

Jesus is a contractor. (Ironic isn’t it?) He sees David every week. Then he spotted Derek playing the drums.

“Anna,” he said in Spanish, “that drummer is Derek from the plumbing supply company! He’s the one who says, ‘What can I do for Jesus my Savior today!'”

During the greeting time, David took me over to meet them. Silly me, I kept asking Anna questions. At the same time, David was talking to Jesus. Jesus would answer David, interpret for Anna and give me her response. Such a sweet couple.

* * * * * * *

This is why the music is loud – to draw the people outside in! We worship like the Israelites:

  1. Standing, v. 10.
  2. Using loud instruments (trumpets), v. 10.
  3. Using drums and cymbals, v. 10.
  4. Praising God in the tradition of David, (clapping, dancing, leaping), v. 10.
  5. Singing praise and thanksgiving, v. 11.
  6. Proclaiming his love, v. 11.
  7. Booming out hurrahs, v. 11.
  8. Shouting with joy, v. 12.
September 8, 2019: Ezra 3; Haggai 1; Psalms 85; Haggai 2; Zechariah 1.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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