Sacred Worship and Moral Practice

A free Saturday! I didn’t have to go anywhere and did not have a large project scheduled.

I went through my granddaughter Olivia’s school fundraiser website. I needed to renew a magazine. I could get 2 years for $27.00. Or use my “long-standing customer” discount and renew it for 3 years for $18.98 using the renewal form they sent. I chose the latter. I can support the school when shopping online.

When David got off of work I went to the library. I looked for a few decent movies. Our library marks new purchases with colored tape. It didn’t take long to pull out the yellow-taped DVD’s. What took time was finding the rating on each one. PG-13 is my limit.

(I will watch an “R” movie if my adult children have previewed it. They know which scenes will trigger a sermon and they fast forward through it.)

I practiced while David was at work. I’m trying to do more than practice. I worship and sing.

Daniel 7:25, “Then he will blaspheme the High God, persecute the followers of the High God, and try to get rid of sacred worship and moral practice.” The Message

The most important things I can do today are to worship and protect my morals.

September 14, 2019: Daniel 7, 8.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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