You Have Been Weighed

Today was a huge test and I knew it. I didn’t realize it was coming until Wednesday.

Derek the drummer and Rachel the synth player took a week off to celebrate their first anniversary. Kyle the bass player stepped down and is moving to Kansas City. Joe, the semi-retired guitar player, and his wife are visiting their daughter out of state.

That left me. I would be the only instrumentalist.

I got up early and read my Bible. I compared Belshazzar to Daniel.


  • Was drunk, 5:2.
  • Scared out of his wits, 5:6.
  • Demanding, 5:7.
  • Arrogant, 5:22.
  • Treated God with contempt, 5:23.


  • Was full of the Holy Spirit, 5:11.
  • Could not be bought, 5:17.
  • Prayed earnestly, 9:3.
  • Fasted from meals, 9:3.
  • Wore penitential burlap, 9:3.

Belshazzar was haughty, Daniel was humble. Belshazzar was murdered, Daniel was promoted.

Daniel 5:27, “Teqel: You have been weighed on the scales and you don’t weigh much.” The Message

I knew I would be weighed today. I wanted to be like Daniel, not Belshazzar.

When I walked onto the platform, I saw the Steinway Concert Grand where I normally set up the keyboard!

In disbelief, I asked, “May I play it?”

Jesse the Civic Center worker laughed and said yes!

This is the most babied Steinway in the county. It lives in a humidity-controlled, insulated space. Sometimes, it’s out backstage for a show. I never play it without permission.

I warmed up on a simple chorus and then stopped.

“Jesse,” I called, “do these wheels lock? I can feel it shimmy. And can we open it up?”

He locked the wheels and opened it partway. Then he moved two microphones in under the lid.

During pre-service prayer, Brenda asked the Holy Spirit to move through my fingers. He did!

I started softly and the music built until I was playing as hard as I could. Then I went soft again. The congregation followed and their singing swelled to fill the room.

On the last word, I started to cry. That worship time was so sweet. I was sad, but a little relieved that it was over.

I can’t say if I was haughty or humble. I can say, when I saw the Steinway, that I was positively giddy!

September 15, 2019: Daniel 5, 9.

“2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide”

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