Look at History

“I can’t believe you bought an office chair! It was not a need,” David grumbled.

Instead of getting mad, I thought of the extra-large, walnut mirror. I bought it for $5 but had others load it in the van. The frame is solid walnut. David got it out of the van and was not happy. But after it was mounted behind the couch – he bragged about it!

Malachi 2:2, “…Look at history…” The Message

After getting my haircut, I went to “Buys on Broadway” in Mt. Pleasant. There was an office chair for $60 that was $150 at “Staples.” I sat in it. The hydraulics worked. I bought it with the cash in my wallet.

As David unloaded my new chair, I uncovered the old one. The plastic was peeling everywhere. I took the black baseball socks off the arms. I rolled it into the living room, leaving a pile of fake leather behind. I moved it next to the new chair.

“I guess it did need to be replaced,” David admitted.

I vacuumed the mess up and moved the new chair into the office. Let the record show I did not lose my temper or even respond. I let the old chair speak for itself.

Ezra 4:19, “I gave orders to search the records…” The Message

This is one benefit of keeping a journal. You remember old disagreements and how they were resolved. It gives you patience.

Esther 10:2, “For the rest of it, King Xerses extensive accomplishments along with a detailed account of the brilliance of Mordecai, whom the king had promoted, that’s all written in ‘The Chronicles of the Kings of Media and Persia.’” The Message

Anyone interested in a distressed, high back, office chair with stubborn hydraulics?

September 20, 2019: Esther 10; Ezra 4; Malachi 1-2.

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