The Outside Work

I keep trying to turn David into a farmer. (No, ladies, you cannot change a man.)

We bought a tomato plant this spring. He stuck it in the ground next to the house and put a tomato cage around it. (Our ground is clay.)

We harvested 3 tomatoes from it. Another one disappeared after turning red. Squirrel? Rabbit? Deer? Someone walking by? We’ll never know.

As we pulled in after the Nursing Home Service, David lamented the lack of tomatoes.

“The plant itself hasn’t even grown!”

“Did you water it?”

“No, it rained.”

As I said, I could not turn him into a farmer. But I know very few farmers who are comfortable leading worship!

* * * * * * *

The Levites were the only tribe that worked in the Temple. Some sang, some played instruments, some baked bread, some offered sacrifices, some burned incense, and some worked outside.

Nehemiah 11:16, “…two of the leaders of the Levites who were in charge of the outside work of the Temple of God.” The Message

Every job is important. We may not grow our own food but we don’t waste it. Those tomatoes are in the freezer along with some we bought from our son’s father-in-law. He is a farmer!

September 25, 2019: Nehemiah 10-12.

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