A Reputation for Honesty and Hard Work

My long-time readers have met many people in my life. I talk about my family and my bandmates.

I’ve shared many times about Joe the guitar player. He alternately compliments and then slams me. I do the same to him. (We speak fluent sarcasm.)

Joe is semi-retired from the band. He plays whenever his schedule allows. He was available this weekend.

But he was late to practice. His wife texted that he was helping someone change a tire.

After 45 minutes, Derek wanted to start practice without him. I reminded him of the time Kyle the bass player forgot about practice. We waited an hour for him.

We waited a bit longer and Joe arrived. It didn’t take long to go through the songs.

I surprised myself by sticking up for Joe. I knew he was helping someone out.

Nehemiah 13:13, “…These men had a reputation for honesty and hard work. They were responsible for distributing the rations to their brothers.” The Message

That’s the reputation I want!

September 25, 2019: Psalms 146-150; Nehemiah 13.

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