Up the Slope of the Mount of Olives

In less than a month, we will be flying to Israel! Woohoo! This was a lifelong desire and became a daily prayer in 2011.

We faithfully set aside money each month for a vacation. Our last vacation was in 2012.

We made huge sacrifices! David gave up his big, black truck. I gave up satellite TV – no more Hallmark movies. We used the money we had set aside for a new vehicle. Now we share the van.

Since 2007, God has asked me to give up something. First, it was my job and then my daily Mountain Dew. Last year, he told me to buy my clothes at Goodwill or a consignment shop.

All of these sacrifices are worth it because I will walk where Jesus walked!

2 Samuel 15:30, “But David, his head covered, walked barefoot up the slope of the Mount of Olives crying. …” Common English Bible

* * * * * * *

“…David walks barefoot out of Jerusalem, weeping and potentially about to lose everything. …He refuses to treat the covenant chest like a good-luck charm to take with him, but once again relies on trust in God’s will. To Zadok, he says, ‘If the Lord thinks well of me, then he will bring me back…But if God says, “I’m not pleased with you,” then I am ready. Let him do to me whatever pleases him’ (2 Samuel 15:25-26). This expression is remarkably similar to Jesus’ prayer on the Mount of Olives, ‘not my will but your will must be done’ (Luke 22:42). …He journeys away from the danger of his own death to reclaim his life with God. Many years later, Jesus – the son of David – journeys in the other direction over the Mount of Olives to face his own death, but also to claim his life with God.”

Common English Bible Sidebar ‘Remorseful Journey’ on 2 Samuel 15

February 20: 2 Samuel 15; Psalms 9-13.

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