Because I Was Afraid

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 7

Journal – March 22, 2020: “We watched church online: ‘Commonsense and God sense. Commonsense is faith in yourself – fight to the death. God sense is faith in God – fight to victory.’

David ran errands and helped Derek move a bed. They switched bedrooms and are setting up a nursery. He measured some windows they want to replace.

While he was gone, I took down the St. Patrick’s Day decorations and decorated for Easter.

I saw online people putting teddy bears in their windows so children could ‘go on a bear hunt’ as they walked through the neighborhood. I found enough bears for all the windows. Some I tied with white ribbon around their waists. I tied the ends to the cup hooks that I use to hang Christmas lights. They look like they are bungee jumping!

I laughed when I saw today’s chapters. The book of Job is perfect for reading during a pandemic!

“…Job… a ‘person of absolute integrity’…who experiences great suffering. Job’s distress isn’t caused by something he did…[it] results from his experience of natural evil, from the ill effects of natural events (windstorm, lightning, and related fires, disease), and moral evil…suffering may occur because of the nature of the world that God created and because God allows the natural order to be what it was created to be.

Believers are invited to ‘revere God’ (Job 1:9) no matter what they face…reveals God’s openness to Job’s hard questions. …

The book is neither historical literature nor biography, not an autobiography. Job reminds us of literature that begins with the phrase ‘once upon a time,’ and some readers recognize it as ‘dramatic fiction.’ …The purpose is to teach by posing key questions about suffering.”

Common English Bible Introduction to the book of Job

Job 3:25, “Because I was afraid of something awful, and it arrived; what I dreaded came to me.”

Common English Bible

Proverbs 22:5, “Thorns and nets are in the path of the crooked; those who guard their lives keep their distance.”

Common English Bible

I must not live in fear. I will use commonsense and God sense. And I will keep my distance!

March 22, 2020: Psalms 73; Job 1-4.

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