Lessons from Job

Covid-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 8

Journal, 3-23-2020: “My eyes are worse than ever! I was sitting at my desk feeling miserable. I took a picture of my eyes and sent it to David.

He replied, “Take Benadryl and go to bed.”

Job 5:22, “You will laugh at hunger and destruction…”

Common English Bible

I not hungry anyway.

March 23, 2020: Job 5-9.

– – – – – – – – –

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,”- Day 9

Journal, 3-24-2020: “I stayed in my pajamas. I’m taking Allegra-D twice a day and Benadryl 3 times a day. My eyelids are bright red. David took over the laundry.”

Job 13:26, “You even write bitter things about me, make me inherit my youthful indiscretions.”

Common English Bible
March 24, 2020: Job 10-14.

– – – – – – – – –

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 10

Journal, 3-25-2020: “My eyes are horrible. I can’t see very well. I asked God to show me the trigger. He said, ‘Go watch Grit TV.’ David took over the cooking.

Job 19:26, “After my skin has been torn apart this way – then from my flesh, I’ll see God.”

Common English Bible
March 25, 2020: Job 15-19.

– – – – – – – – –

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 11

Journal, 3-26-2020: “The hives around my eyes and mouth are red and burning. I switched to cold water soaks.

‘What should I do, God?’

‘Go watch Grit TV.'”

Job 22:21, “Get along well with God and be at peace; from this something good will come to you.”

Common English Bible
March 26, 2020: Job 20-24.

– – – – – – – – –

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 12

Journal, 3-27-2020: “The skin around my eyes is burning. I started using Triamcinolone on it. I can only use it for 3 days. I’ve built a tolerance to Benadryl. I didn’t nap today. Once again, I listened to Grit TV. I am having difficulty seeing.”

Job 27:5, “I won’t agree that you are right. Until my dying day, I won’t give up my integrity.”

Common English Bible
March 27, 2020: Job 25-30

– – – – – – – – –

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 13

Journal, 3-28-2020: “I washed all the bedding: comforter, sheets, allergy pillow covers, and mattress pad. And watched Grit TV between loads as instructed.”

Job 32:18-20, “For I am full of words. The spirit in my belly compels me. 19) Look, my belly is like unopened wine; like new wineskins, it will burst. 20) I will speak and get relief; I will open my lips and respond.”

Common English Bible
March 28, 2020: Job 31-33.

– – – – – – – – –

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 14

Journal, 3-29-2020: “The sermon today was ‘Hope in a Crisis.’

‘Trouble is our transportation.

I must be going somewhere! Today I had an asthma attack along with my swollen, itchy, hive-covered eyes. I used the inhaler and filled the vaporizer.”

Job 34:30, “He prevents a lawless person from ruling, from capturing people.”

Common English Bible
March 29, 2020: Job 34-37.

– – – – – – – – –

COVID-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 15

Journal, 3-30-2020: “I woke up with sinus pressure over my right eye. I used a saltwater eye rinse and then a cold compress. I boiled more water. When it cooled, I did a sinus rinse and gargled with hot water and salt. Then I used the sinus mask. I went to bed right after lunch.

Job 40:4, “Look, I’m of little worth. What can I answer you? I’ll put my hand over my mouth.”

Common English Bible
March 30, 2020: Job 38-41.

– – – – – – – – –

Covid-19, “Shelter in Place,” – Day 16

Journal, 3-31-2020: “After devotions, I ‘returned to normal life.’ I made the bed, washed dishes, washed darks, and worked on a grocery list. I put barbeque sauce on some chicken and made parsley potatoes. I even used the “clog cannon” on the tub – three times. It has been draining slowly. That cleared it right up!”

Job 42:10, “Then the Lord changed Job’s fortune when he prayed for his friends, and the Lord doubled all Job’s earlier possessions.”

Common English Bible

“…he set aside his remorse in order to return to normal life (see Job 30:19).”

Common English Bible Notes on Job 42:6
March 31, 2020: Job 42; 1 Kings 12; 2 Chronicles 10, 11.

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