January 14, 2022

John 9, 10

Please share a verse in these chapters that answered a question, calmed a fear, gave direction, or was a new insight in the comments.

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One thought on “January 14, 2022

  1. John 9:1-3. When I was 3 months old, a patch of eczema broke out behind my left ear. It spread and I started on the “Atopic March.” I developed allergies and asthma.
    Yesterday, I was tested for the 3rd time. Out of 34 pricks, I had 1 red dot – weeds. I am no longer allergic to dust mites, grass, trees, or animals.
    When Jesus healed the blind man in Mark 8:22-26, the man said he saw men as trees walking. Jesus laid his hands on him again and he began to see everything clearly.
    Not every healing is an instant miracle. But every healing brings glory to God.
    Over and over again, we read that Jesus saw that they had faith to be healed. How do we get that faith? Romans 10:17 tells us faith comes by hearing the Word of God.
    I have read the entire Bible every year since I was 13. I started reading out loud in 2012. The asthma is history. The formerly year-round allergies have been reduced to the point of direct contact with an irritant. Instead of chronic eczema all over my body, I have small patches, on one hand, one shin, and one toe.
    And I give all the glory to God.



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