The Majority Reached a Decision

A decision that plagues me is how to go forward with my blogs:

  • Should I combine this one with
  • Should I continue posting to two separate blogs?
  • Should I start a third blog and only post there?
  • Should I import my posts from both blogs to a new one?
  • Should I stop posting and concentrate on my book about my trip to Israel?

I learned a lot while reading about Paul’s journey and shipwreck.

Acts 27:12, 13, “Because the harbor was not suitable for wintering, the majority reached a decision to put out to sea from there, if somehow they could reach Phoenix, a harbor of Crete, facing southwest and northwest, and spend the winter there. 13) When a moderate south wind came up, supposing that they had attained their purpose, they weighed anchor and began sailing along Crete, close inshore.”

New American Standard Bible


  1. They weren’t comfortable.
  2. The majority ruled.
  3. They wanted to reach Phoenix, (It means a bird that rose renewed from its ashes).
  4. A warm breeze was blowing.
  5. They believed they were right.
  6. They sailed along the shoreline, playing it safe.

I wonder. Would they have made it had they sailed straight to Phoenix instead of following the shoreline? I don’t know, but I did learn:

  1. Comfort is not the best reason to make a decision.
  2. The majority is not always right.
  3. Another harbor always looks better.
  4. A warm breeze at the wrong time of year is deceptive.
  5. Confirmation of a wrong idea does not make it right.
  6. Playing it safe is not safe.

Acts 27:14, 15, “But before very long there rushed down from the land a violent wind, called Euraquilo; 15) and when the ship was caught in it and could not face the wind, we gave way to it and let ourselves be driven along.”

New American Standard Bible


The moderate south wind turned into a “nor’easter!” The violent wind came down from the land. They were caught and couldn’t face it. Finally, they gave up and were driven along. Acts 27:16-43 shows us how it went from bad to worse!

  • They lost control, v. 16.
  • They lost their cargo, v. 18.
  • They lost their ship’s tackle, v. 19.
  • They lost hope, v. 20.
  • They lost their appetite, v. 21.
  • They lost courage, v. 22.
  • They lost their lifeboat, vv. 30-32.
  • They lost their food, v. 38.
  • They lost their anchors, v. 40.
  • They lost their ship, v. 41.

Yet, they were all brought safely to land, Acts 27:44.

I must continue as long as it takes, even in discomfort. I cannot follow the crowd or wait for a new beginning. I can’t trust the winds, believe I am always right, or play it safe.

If I get ahead of God, I could lose everything. I need balance. I cannot just play it safe. I do know no matter what happens, God promises that I will land safely.

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