Business and Contentment

A year ago, we were traveling over the Golan Heights. I didn’t get a picture of the “cedars of Lebanon” because the weather did not cooperate. There was snow on the ground and it was still snowing.

On the way down the snow turned to rain. Elle pointed them out as we drove by – a patch of evergreen on the side of the mountain.

They were cut down and exported to the palaces of the conquerors of the land. Solomon recognized they were the best wood for building the temple.

Solomon Made a Business Deal

1 Kings 5:6, “So now order some cedars of Lebanon to be cut for me. My servants will work with your servants. I will pay your servants whatever you say is appropriate, for you know that we have no one among us who knows how to cut down trees like the Sidonians.” New English Translation


  1. Outlined the work needed.
  2. Offered laborers.
  3. Let them set the pay.
  4. Admitted they were the experts.
  5. Used the highest quality.
  6. Bartered for payment by meeting their need.
  7. Asked the Lord for wisdom, guidance, and power.
  8. Didn’t abuse his worker’s time with their families. (They worked one month and had two months off.)
  9. Was generous and fair with wages.

Solomon Gilded Everything

2 Chronicles 3:7, “He overlaid the temple’s rafters, thresholds, walls, and doors with gold; he carved decorative cherubim on the walls.” NET

Even the rafters were gold-plated! (That makes me want to paint the floor joists that serve as the ceiling in our basement.)

The Key to Contentment

1 Kings 8:66, “On the fifteenth day after the festival started, he dismissed the people. They asked God to empower the king and then went to their homes, happy and content because of all the good the Lord had done for his servant David and his people Israel.” NET

The keys to happiness and contentment are:

  • Pray for your leaders.
  • Go home.
  • Thank God for the good He has done for your country.

Not a fan of your mayor, governor, or president? Remember verse 32, God condemns the guilty, declares who is innocent, and gives both of them what they deserve.

The more time I spend shopping, the less content I am in my home.

The Kind of Leaders to Pray into Office

2 Chronicles 6:12-14, “He stood before the altar of the Lord… 13) …and then got down on his knees in front of the entire assembly of Israel. He spread out his hands toward the sky. 14) And prayed…” NET

Proverbs 28:1, “The wicked person fled, though no one was pursuing, but the righteous can be as confident as a lion.” NET

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