God Speaks in Tornadoes

An EF4 tornado ripped through our area last Friday, taking 5 houses, 2 farms, and several other structures. One bus driver saw a funnel and unloaded the kids into the house where they were stopped. They hunkered down in the basement with the family. Several tornadoes touched down around us.

I had Gideon for the day. Early in the morning, I took the “Pack and Play” and some toys to the basement. He napped there. His mama, Rachel, got off early and the three of us were downstairs when the sirens went off. A tornado touched down south of town.

Rachel’s brother, Jacob, and our oldest son Luke are firefighters. Luke’s unit was called to a fire and Jacob’s to a search and rescue. They found the missing safe.

Job 40:6, “Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind.” New English Translation

In the whirlwind, God reminded me of other storms He had brought us safely through. God kept us all safe and He answered my prayer that no lives were lost.

“Be still in God’s presence. Recognize that you are known, loved, and cared for greatly by your heavenly Father.”

New English Translation Notes on Job 41:1-11


Job Argues His Case

Job 13:3, “But I wish to speak to the Almighty, and I desire to argue my case with God,” NET

“Job had three friends who offered human thoughts about the causes of his suffering. In these verses, he expressed fatigue with the empty talk of men (vv. 4-5). …The insufficiency of human ‘wisdom’ left Job longing more for God’s truth about his life (see v. 3).”

NEY Notes on Job 13:1-19

When I present my case to others, I am given human thoughts. They are ashes and clay, (see 13:12). But God, who sees all and knows all, is working everything for my good.

Job 15:6, “Your own mouth condemns you, not I; your own lips testify against you.” NET

Control My Thoughts

Job 20:2, “This is why my troubled thoughts bring me back – because of my feelings within me.” NET

My thoughts control my feelings. I am not to look in the rearview mirror, rehashing the past. Nor am I to look through the windshield far ahead to the future. I need to look out the side windows and enjoy the present.

Keep Priorities Straight

Job 29:4-5, “Just as I was in my most productive time when God’s intimate friendship was experienced in my tent, 5) when the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me.” NET

“…notice the things that Job most valued during his good years. …he enjoyed the presence of God, the company of his children, the respect of his community, and the opportunity to help the poor. …”

NET notes on Job 29:2-25


Write Down Your Dreams

Job 33:14-17, “God speaks… 15) In a dream, … 16) Then he gives revelation to people and terrified them with warnings, 17) to turn a person from his sin, and to cover a person’s pride.” NET

Look for His Light

While studying Isaiah, I came across this verse in a cross-reference.

Psalms 118:27, “The Lord is God, and he has made his light shine on us. With boughs in hand, join in the festal procession up to the horns of the altar.” New International Version

Three days after I read this verse, we celebrated Palm Sunday. I pray that you find God during this Holy Week, (see, “Save me, Jesus” Prayer).

This paved road is the path they took on the Palm Sunday procession.

Job 35:10, “…God, my Creator, who gives songs in the night.” NET

Job 37:22, “From the north, he comes in golden splendor; around God is awesome majesty.” NET

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